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 Compiled by:
 Fritz Geller-Grimm
 Dr. Frank Menzel

Conditions for payment and delivery set by the AMPYX publishing house and the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (SDEI)
  • The prices at the time of ordering are the valid prices (see the price lists). A reduction in these prices may be allowed if several parts/volumes/series are ordered.

  • Orders for the journal and/or for individual parts/volumes/monographs are only accepted if they are submitted in writing (fax, postcard, letter) and include a complete address and signature. Please use the subscription and order forms provided.

  • The customer has the right to cancel his order in writing within ten days (consumers' statutory rights). All cancellations must be made in writing by fax, e-mail or postcard/letter (taking the date of the postmark). Verbal cancellations cannot be accepted.

  • At the end of the ten-day period, the parts/volumes/monographs together with the invoice will be delivered and it is then the customer's responsibility to accept delivery and to settle the bill. In accordance with the period allowed for cancellation, we will accept returned goods only within 30 days [of mailing] and only if unopened and in the original package.

  • Payment of the parts/volumes/monographs should be made within 14 days of the invoice date. In cases of delay, a reminder will be sent and a surcharge will be charged to the customer.

  • All publications remain the property of the AMPYX publishing house and/or the Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut (proprietary rights) until payment is discharged in full, and if payment is withheld they must be returned at the customer's own expense.

  • Our requirements can only be suspended or settled by means of undisputed or legally-binding counter-demands (a written claim).

  • All our printed products are submitted to a quality control before being despatched. The AMPYX publishing house in Halle (Saale) / SDEI in Müncheberg takes responsibility for faulty items (e.g. printing errors or faulty bindings). In such cases the goods will be exchanged or replaced free or charge. The AMPYX publishing house or SDEI takes no responsibility for misprints in the texts or damage in the post, which lie outside the publisher's control.

  • The judicial site for all business connected with the AMPYX publishing house / SDEI is Halle (Saale), Germany.

  • We do not recognise the customer's own conditions for payment and delivery if these differ from our own (even in cases where no specific contradiction is made).

Subscriptions to "Studia dipterologica" and/or "Studia dipterologica Supplement":

  • One volume of the journal "Studia dipterologica" consists of two parts per year and contains between 400 and 500 printed pages.

  • The bill is sent out with the first part of each volume. Payment of the subscription price should be made within 14 days of the invoice date.

  • The customer has the right to cancel his annual subscription, by 1 May of the year in question at the latest. This cancellation is only valid if submitted in writing, taking its date from the postmark. Cancellations given verbally have no validity.

  • Subscribers to the "Studia dipterologica" are offered monographs of the "Studia dipterologica Supplement", which are published at irregular intervals, at a reduced rate. Customers do not, however, have to subscribe to both journals. Individual supplementary volumes or the whole series, as required, can be delivered upon receipt of a written order. Every subscriber to the "Studia dipterologica" is entitled to receive one copy of each volume of the "Studia dipterologica Supplement" at a reduced rate.