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 Compiled by:
 Fritz Geller-Grimm
 Dr. Frank Menzel

Studia dipterologica
Journal of taxonomy, systematics, ecology and faunistics of Diptera

Frank Menzel (Müncheberg)     John Kramer (Oadby)     Andreas Stark (Halle an der Saale)
menzel@studia-dipt.de   /   kramer@studia-dipt.de   /   stark@studia-dipt.de

Editorial board 

F. Geller-Grimm (Frankfurt am Main)
B. Ismay (Long Crendon)
J. Kramer (Oadby)
Dr. M. Jaschhof (Färjestaden)
   Dr. F. Menzel (Müncheberg)
   Dr. A.C. Pont (Oxford)
   Dr. A. Stark (Halle an der Saale)
   A. Thiele (Müncheberg)
Scientific advisory board 

Prof. Dr. R. Bährmann (Köln)
R. Bellstedt (Gotha)
Dr. D.J. Bickel (Sydney)
Prof. Dr. M. Chvála (Praha)
Dr. T. Dikow (Washington, D.C.)
Dr. H. Disney (Cambridge)
Dr. M.J. Ebejer (Cardiff)
   Prof. Dr. T. Ekrem (Trondheim)
   Dr. M. Hauser (Sacramento)
   Dr. J.W. Ismay (Long Crendon)
   Dr. C. Kehlmaier (Dresden)
   Dr. T. Pape (Copenhagen)
   Dr. M. Pollet (Welle)
   Dr. A. Ssymank (Bonn)
   Dr. J.-H. Stuke (Leer)
   Dr. E. Stur (Trondheim)
   Dr. H. Ulrich (Bonn)
   Dr. D. Walther (Müncheberg)
   Dr. J.W.A. van Zuijlen (Waalwijk)
   Dr. J. Ziegler (Berlin)

Scientific advisory board

Address for manuscripts, requests and orders 

Dr. Frank Menzel
Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut
Eberswalder Strasse 90
15374 Müncheberg
Fax: 0049-(0)33432-736983706
E-mail: menzel@studia-dipt.de

Typeset and layout by
   Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg

Printed by
   druck-zuck GmbH, Halle (Saale)

   Place of publication
   Volume 1-15: Halle (Saale), Germany
   from volume 16: Müncheberg, Germany

The aim of Studia dipterologica is to promote dipterology. Original papers on taxonomy, phylogenetic systematics, faunistics, biology, ecology, zoogeography and behaviour may be submitted, provided they are concerned mainly with the Diptera. In addition, biographies of famous dipterologists (CVs, Festschrifts, obituaries, bibliographies etc.), reports on dipterological excursions or expeditions, papers on dipterological collections, catalogues and checklists, meeting and congress reports, short notes, and reviews of books with a dipterological content will also be considered for publication. Studia dipterologica is covered by the Zoological Record (BIOSIS©), the CAB Abstracts (CABI), and the abstract journal edited by the Russian institute VINITY (Moscow).

Frequency of publication of Studia dipterologica is yearly. One volume will contain two issues with a total of 300 consecutively numbered pages. The journal format is 17 x 24 cm (Volume 1-19) and 21 x 30 cm (from Volume 20). Languages of publication are English and German. The language quality of submitted manuscripts will be checked by the editors. Authors are reminded to follow the Instructions to Authors (particularly with the reference lists!).

Typesetting and printing of contributions up to 50 printed pages is free of charge. Authors will be invoiced for the additional costs incurred in the publication of longer works (currently an additional 15.00 € per page from page 51 onwards). The journal series Studia dipterologica Supplement is recommended for papers of more than 100 pages (q. v.).

The authors of all articles will be supplied free of charge with an electronic version (PDF). Reprints must be paid for, and prices depend on the number of printed pages. Current Prices (annual subscription, prices for individual issues) and terms for delivery and payment may be found on this homepage.

Studia dipterologica is mailed to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Malta, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and USA.